for the new WordPress Editor

Since Gutenberg has been introduced as the new WordPress editor, the concept of how we structure content is vastly different. We do not think of a post as a wall of text anymore, but rather compose the post from a library of blocks.

And while WordPress itself has a good selection of blocks available, we want to provide a set of layout options and features that are essential to how we want to create content. That is why we created ‘WP Munich Blocks‘ as a free plugin for you to use. We hope you love it too!

Choices, not options

When we think about and create blocks, we follow a simple design choice: “Choices, not options!”. This essentially means, that our blocks certainly do not do everything, but the specified use cases are covered really, really well.

This also helps to keep the code quality up and avoid convoluted and bloated HTML on your site. And this should greatly benefit you in terms of performance and SEO.

Battle tested and a product of love

Here at WP Munich we not only craft plugins and themes for the community, we also create amazing WordPress systems for the best clients in the world. 

Many of these projects often require the creation of highly specialised blocks to fit the needs of our clients and their projects. Ever so often we create a block that we fall in love with and that we want to share with the community.

That is why we love each one of our blocks, they are not a product of a sterile product creation process, they are the result of a real world project with actual clients, users and expectations. They are battle tested and are actively used by us and our clients. 

Blocks, made for you

We try to think of as many scenarios as possible, but the diversity and range of the WordPress community makes it virtually impossible to think about everything.

If you feel that a certain feature is missing or if you need a specific block developed for your project, do not hesitate to contact us!

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Go try for yourself, it’s free!

The ‘WP Munich Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress’ plugin is free to use and can be downloaded directly in the WordPress backend.