The Accordion is a standard element on a lot of websites. You can use it to structure data into smaller bits and to create better overview over a large amount of small topics or to reveal hidden content. 

A common usecase for the accordion block is the FAQ section, where you can provide answers for a particular question, without bothering the user with a lot of text he might not actually need or want to see.

Block Options & Demo

Can the accordion show answers?

Yes, the accordion can show answers in a very intuitive way. A lot of blocks are available to structure this content.

They can even contain embeds.


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Can accordions be wide?

Yes! The accordion block supports the wide alignment for super obvious placement. And we even activated the full width function, for when you want to create really fancy designs.

Do the accordions support colors?

Sure. You can color the accordions and the text in any color you like! 

Go try for yourself, it’s free!

The ‘WP Munich Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress’ plugin is free to use and can be downloaded directly in the WordPress backend.