Pricing Block

Almost every website, that sells services or items knows the pricing table. But why? Well, this kind of layout is especially good at exploiting a basic human flaw, best described as the ‘Decoy Effect’.

The theory is, that an offering looks more reasonable, when there are cheaper and more expensive options available.

Block Options & Demo

Cheap Plan

$ 9.99

per month

Oh my god, this one is so cheap. We are also not really sure why you should choose this. You’re better than that!

Reasonable Plan

$ 19.99

per year

Viewed alone, this would seem rather steep. But compared to the other two options, this is pretty okay.

Expensive Plan

199.99 €

per second

Even if you would have that kind of money, choosing this plan is just mad! Who buys this? No one does.

Go try for yourself, it’s free!

The ‘WP Munich Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress’ plugin is free to use and can be downloaded directly in the WordPress backend.