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by Nathan Wrigley

#101 – Pooja Derashri on Creating Educational WordPress Content

Pooja was on the podcast a few weeks ago talking about diversity, but this time the focus is on creating learning materials for WordPress. We talk about how Pooja got involved and what opportunities are out there for people wishing to assist in the enterprise of making content for those wishing to learn more about WordPress.

by Nathan Wrigley

#100 – Nick Diego on the Revamp of the WordPress Showcase Website

On the podcast today we have Nick Diego. Nick is a sponsored full-time contributor at Automattic. His official position is a developer relations advocate, which allows him to focus on creating developer orientated content. Apart from his regular responsibilities, Nick is also involved in a separate project called the WordPress Showcase, and this is the focus of the podcast today. The WordPress showcase is a curated collection of websites built with WordPress. Its purpose is to inspire, and show the breadth of what WordPress can achieve. Currently the showcase features around a hundred sites, including large enterprises like the New York times and NASA. It aims to challenge misconceptions about WordPress, and highlight the platforms scale and reach. If you’re curious about block development, or how you might convince clients that WordPress is a credible CMS, this podcast is for you.

by Matt Mullenweg

What’s Next?

Write the next chapter of WP Tavern

by Sarah Gooding

Last Call

This has been an emotional, bittersweet morning for me, reading through old posts, as I […]

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