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by Nathan Wrigley

#78 – Mike McAlister on Why Block Themes Are the Future

On the podcast today we have Mike McAlister, and he’s here today to talk about his experiences creating a block-based theme. Mike is a veteran product developer and designer in the WordPress space. He’s focused on the future of WordPress with his new product brand, Ollie. We talk about what a block theme is and why Mike is confident that it’s a good time to jump on board as a developer. We also chat about how the Ollie uses patterns and the design tools built into WordPress to showcase just how good block themes can be. If you’re wanting to develop block-based themes, or are just curious about how other developers are building them, this podcast is for you.

by Sarah Gooding

WordPress Turns 20

WordPress is 20 years old today, an estimable milestone for open source software running on […]

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