The split block is perfect to create a section that needs to combine image and text in a two-column layout. This is ideal for image heavy lists, feature sets and tutorials.

While the block is very close to the ‘Media & Text’ block built in to WordPress, our split block has a lot more options.

Block Options & Demo

Nested Blocks

The text area of the split is composed from nested blocks, so you can shape the content how you need it to be.


You can set the image on the left and the right side of the split block. For mobile view you can choose between image first and content first.

Full Width

The split block works best in themes that support wide and full width layouts. For example, our AGNCY theme.


The background image of the split has an option to activate a parallax effects, that adds a bit more dynamic while scrolling.

Center Image

You can add a secondary image on top of your background image to create cool effects with logos, smartphone mockups and more.

These images can be aligned in any border of the parent image.

Color Options

You can freely set any color as background and text color.

Any height

You can set any height in the blocks. That way you can create screen filling designs with the split block.

Go try for yourself, it’s free!

The ‘WP Munich Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks for WordPress’ plugin is free to use and can be downloaded directly in the WordPress backend.